Replace Log off with Power Off button – Gnome 3

I’m just annoyed at having to press the alt button everytime I have to shutdown [ thanks to gnome 3 ] – I’m a laptop user as well. Anyway, here’s a hacky way of getting Log off replaced by Power off.

You could just install the following package for fedora.

[root@xhost ui]# yum install gnome-shell-extensions-alternative-status-menu.noarch

Restart gnome-shell and you should have the power off button.

Otherwise, you can edit the UI js files as described below.

Note :The following involves editing a bit of javascript – make sure you make backups before you do this

Open the js file using your favourite text editor [while having root privileges ].

[root@xhost ui]# vim /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/statusMenu.js

Now, find the area that says

        // If we can't suspend show Power Off... instead
        // and disable the alt key
        if (!this._haveSuspend) {
            this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.updateText(_("Power Off..."), null);
        } else {
            this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.updateText(_("Suspend"), _("Power Off..."));

Swap the text Suspend and Power Off. The resulting code looks like this

            this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.updateText(_("Power Off..."), _("Suspend"));

Actually, you can replace Power off… and Suspend by whatever you’d like to, as long as you know what it does. For example, I can name them as Potato and Tomato, and that would be displayed in screen.

There’s one more part to be changed. Find the part which says

    _onSuspendOrPowerOffActivate: function() {

        if (this._haveSuspend &&
            this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.state == PopupMenu.PopupAlternatingMenuItemState.DEFAULT) {
            this._screenSaverProxy.LockRemote(Lang.bind(this, function() {
        } else {


Change the == to !=

Your resulting code should be something like

this._suspendOrPowerOffItem.state != PopupMenu.PopupAlternatingMenuItemState.DEFAULT) {

That’s it, now save the file and restart gnome shell by Alt+F2, and hitting r.

Surprise surprise, you should be finding Power Off… as your default [ Or Tomato, however you have named it ].


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