Red Hot Arsenal!

Wow man, just wow, I’m just amazed at how Arsene Wenger has managed to turnaround a team in tatters to a team growing in confidence with each match. 11 matches – winning 10 of them – that is just outstanding. And not to mention our captain – the flying Dutchman, the one and only Robin Van Persie. If he was clinical at the Stamford Bridge with his stunning hat-trick – he was crafty against Borussia Dortmund – and that double takes Arsenal to the next round of Champions League [ which incidently, is the first English team to go through. ]

Honestly, this was never expected. I mean, come on, there was a time when I was thinking ” Is this team going to be in top 10? “, especially after that 8-2 drubbing at Man Utd. But then, Boss and his team had other ideas. This team is really on a roller coaster ride, and at the top of it, is our captain. I sometimes wonder, what would the team be, once RvP is not playing ( seriously, I hope that never happens ). I mean, he’s like a goal scoring machine now. But that’s no reason to belittle other’s contributions – Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott [ remember that trip and then ripping run through 3 chelski defenders? ] and Song [ Wow, Messi would have been wondering where that dribble came from Song in the match against Borussia, leading to the first goal. ].

The defence’s getting better too – Koscielny, Mertesacker, Verminator, Jenkinson and Samba Santos [ I was so happy to see his chelski goal, and his samba dance celebration. ]. Szczesny’s been getting more support, and it looks more solid at the back for now. Hopefully this goes on.

It’s some easy fixtures for Arsenal ahead, and hopefully we should be in a good position by the time we finally meet Man City. Seriously, if someone has to beat Man City, I think it has to be Arsenal – considering that we’ve been one of the most unpredictable [ just count how many of our own fans gave up any hope ] and dangerous teams. Let’s fall back to that age old saying ” In Arsene We Trust”, and the recently found saying ” Who needs Batman when we have Robin”. Go Arsenaaaaaal!


Working with Qt

Okay, so I’ve got about 5 days before the next exam – which means I’m back on the computer for hours together. I’ve been reading up on Qt in the past few days, and I think I’ve got the general idea about the whole thing. I think it’s pretty challenging to do the whole thing __without__ an IDE [ or foolish, some might say ].

Anyway, I’m enjoying this, plus I’m learning more of the ‘C++’ way of doing things. I think I’ve got a good layout as of now. Let’s see where this goes.

Oh and, I’m really glad that Microprocessor exam’s finally over – that one was bugging me a lot


My new project

Yo, there – so it’s exam time for me again. As always with me, this is the time I get new ideas and stuff. So yes, without breaking the cycle, I’ve come up with my latest project. It’s going to be a digital circuit optimizer, which I’m thinking of writing using Qt and Boost.

I’ve already started to read up on qt and boost documentation and it’ll be a matter of time before I start to code seriously – but then there’s still exams lurking around – so at the most, the progress will be snail-like.

It’s going to be based on Quine-McClusky method, and maybe some other optimizing algorithms – and I think I’m gonna update about stuff on blog regularly as and when I go through with it. [ that is, if I stay focussed and not be lazy ]

Sooner, rather than later I guess.