My new project

Yo, there – so it’s exam time for me again. As always with me, this is the time I get new ideas and stuff. So yes, without breaking the cycle, I’ve come up with my latest project. It’s going to be a digital circuit optimizer, which I’m thinking of writing using Qt and Boost.

I’ve already started to read up on qt and boost documentation and it’ll be a matter of time before I start to code seriously – but then there’s still exams lurking around – so at the most, the progress will be snail-like.

It’s going to be based on Quine-McClusky method, and maybe some other optimizing algorithms – and I think I’m gonna update about stuff on blog regularly as and when I go through with it. [ that is, if I stay focussed and not be lazy ]

Sooner, rather than later I guess.


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